Examples of evaluation projects I am supporting:

Market-based approaches to improving the safety of pork (SafePORK) project. 2018 to present. SafePORK seeks to reduce the burden of food-borne disease in informal, emerging, and niche markets of Vietnam. SafePORK is a complex program, involving uncertainty in outcomes and a variety of stakeholder perspectives. Drawing on Theory of Change and Outcome Mapping, I am working with the SafePORK team to collect outcomes on a real-time basis, build the program theory, and inform management decisions. Client: The International Livestock Research Institute.

CanWaCH project. 2021 to present. Baastel International is developing a technical guidance note on global health programming, the environment, and climate change. I am supporting the team in conducting the desk review and survey of CanWaCH members to evaluate capacity for environment and climate mainstreaming. Client: The Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health (CanWaCH).

Examples of evaluation projects I have supported:

Safe Food Fair Food (SFFF) project. 2021. SFFF aimed to (i) to generate evidence on the health and economic burden of foodborne diseases in animal-source food value chains and (ii) to pilot a market-based approach to improving food safety in Cambodia. I worked with the SFFF team to co-design and co-implement an evaluation framework. We developed a Theory of Change to help us understand how and why SFFF might be working. Client: The International Livestock Research Institute.

Safer Indigenous pork and healthier ethnic minorities in Vietnam project. 2020. The team conducted a study to explore the change in knowledge, attitudes, and practice after implementing a public health campaign about pork-borne disease prevention. I supported the team in designing the data collection tool and writing a brief. Client: The International Livestock Research Institute.

Sandbox program. 2018. I led the final evaluation of a pilot community-based social entrepreneurship program for students. The evaluation aimed to understand the experiences of students, staff, and community partners engaged in the program. I conducted key informant interviews and wrote the evaluation report. Client: Community Engaged Scholarship Institute.

Systems Approach to Improve and Sustain Food Security (SATISFY) project. 2017. Harry Cummings and Associates conducted a final evaluation of the SATISFY project in West Africa (Mali, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Senegal) to assess for project effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, and sustainability. To meet the needs of the evaluation, results-based management was used. I supported quantitative data analysis of nearly 4,000 household surveys using SPSS. Client: World Vision Canada.

Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance program. 2017. Harry Cummings and Associates developed and implemented a collaborative evaluation to inform program implementation and address sustainability considerations. I facilitated two focus group discussions with parents and children, analyzed the data, and wrote the report. Client: Headwaters Communities in Action.

Scaling Up Good Food Markets program. 2017. Harry Cummings and Associates developed an evaluation to determine whether the scaled-up model is effective and can be reproduced in other areas. I supported the development and implementation of the monitoring and evaluation plan. The evaluation approach included a community consultation, baseline survey, focus group discussions, and endline survey. Client: FoodShare Toronto.

Promoting locally fortified sunflower oil using e-vouchers project. 2017. Harry Cummings and Associates conducted a study to assess the economic viability of promoting vitamin-A fortified sunflower oil using e-vouchers. I supported field visits to Tanzania’s Manyara and Shinyanga regions and co-conducted 21 interviews with small and medium-sized sunflower oil producers, distributors, and retailers. I also supported the writing of a business case and a manuscript. Client: Mennonite Economic Development Associates.

Reducing disease risk and improving food safety in smallholder pig value chains in Vietnam (PigRISK) project. 2017. I led the final evaluation which aimed to understand PigRISK’s outcomes and lessons learned. Drawing on outcome harvesting, I conducted interviews, focus group discussions, and observations in Hanoi, Hung Yen, and Nghe An. Client: International Livestock Research Institute.

Vietnam animal health reporting system. 2016. I supported an evaluation which aimed to understand stakeholder perceptions of the barriers and facilitators to animal disease reporting in Vietnam. I supported the lead evaluator in designing the evaluation, analyzing the interview data, and reporting the findings. Client: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Ecohealth Field-building Leadership Initiative in Southeast Asia (FBLI). 2016. I supported the final evaluation of FBLI which aimed to synthesize research and intervention findings. Drawing on outcome harvesting, I worked with the lead evaluator to co-conducted interviews, focus group discussions, and observations in Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and Thailand. Client: Center for Public Health and Ecosystem Research.