I am currently supporting evaluations of the following programs:

SafePORK in Vietnam (2017 – 2022)

The Market-based approaches to improving the safety of pork (SafePORK) project in Vietnam seeks to reduce the burden of food-borne disease in informal, emerging and niche markets. The project will develop and evaluate light-touch market-based approaches to improving food safety, while safeguarding livelihoods in the  pork sector.
Funder: ACIAR

SFFF Project in Cambodia (2017 – 2021)

The Safe Food Fair Food (SFFF) project in Cambodia has two major research areas to tackle the above-mentioned issues: (i) to generate evidence on the health and economic burden of foodborne diseases in animal-source food value chains important to the poor and women and (ii) to pilot a market-based approach to improving food safety that builds on successfully implemented projects in Africa and India. 
Funder: USAID

Some of my more recently completed evaluations include:

PigRISK (2012 – 2017). Reducing disease risk and improving food safety in smallholder pig value chains in Vietnam. 2017.

FBLI (2011 – 2016). Ecohealth Field-building Leadership Initiative in Southeast Asia. 2016.