Sunao is a platform for openly sharing insights into the practice of public health and evaluation research.


What does Sunao mean?

Sunao (素直) is Japanese for “untrapped mind”. This means being open enough to see many possibilities, humble enough to learn from anyone and anything,  perceptive enough to see things as they really are, and critical enough to judge their true value. 

The vision

A creative, yet critical thinking mindset, applied by curious individuals, students, researchers, practitioners, and educators, to promote health for all.


The team

STEVEN LAM, MPH, PhD candidate


Hey! My name is Steven Lam and I am a public health researcher, program evaluator, and PhD candidate with four years of experience generating, evaluating, and communicating evidence to improve development programming in Canada and globally. My research interests vary broadly, from environmental health and food security to Indigenous health and social justice.

Occasionally I am also a writer, although mainly for peer-reviewed journals and personal diaries (my own, of course!). Recognizing how inaccessible both can be, and my desire to share my experiences and interests to the wider public, I decided to create sunao.ca. Here, I plan to contribute blog postings that highlight some of the stories behind public health research and evaluation (I find that we don’t do this well, or often enough). I hope that these insights will be useful to you, such that you can apply them in your own work.