Putting health first in agricultural production

With the world population predicted to reach nine billion by 2050, increasing agricultural production will be necessary to achieve global food security. Efforts to expand food production will likely include agricultural intensification – producing more from the same area of land – which has been a key factor in boosting global food production in the... Continue Reading →

A call for reflections in Ecohealth research

The 21st century presents us with some of the most profound global challenges including food insecurity, climate change, emerging diseases, and antimicrobial resistance. Agriculture can be considered a nexus between these challenges and is both parts of the problem and the solution. For instance, intensifying agricultural food production (i.e. increasing use of inputs for higher yields... Continue Reading →

What can we learn from farmer-led research?

Last week I attended Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario's (EFAO's) Farmer-led Research Workshop. As I entered the room on Day 1, I was pleased to see that participants were already deep in conversation – some were meeting for the first time, while others were catching up since the last time they met. This workshop provided... Continue Reading →

Towards understanding climate change evidence

There is an overwhelming scientific consensus that climate change is not only happening but also caused by humans. I think most people agree on this, although more so on the former. Perhaps, people have a basic understanding of how global warming works, and/or have noticed increasing extreme weather events lately such as record highs, or... Continue Reading →

Evaluations can be scary, even for the evaluator

Around the same time last year, I was struggling to find my place in the world of evaluation. Even though I had been taught evaluation theory and practice in graduate school, and gained relevant work experience outside of academia, I still did not feel comfortable considering myself a “program evaluator”. Evaluations, particularly of complex developmental... Continue Reading →

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